Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trip to Pangasinan for the 2nd Time

We're back and almost black! XD~

Anyway, got home and soooo uber tired from the almost 6-hour trip. But overall, the experience and the uber tasty food was worth it. April 19, around 11PM, we arrived at the House of Asian Seafood and checked in. It was funny because after buying our late dinner in the central town of Alaminos City, the Koreans asked where we bought it, and the guy who looked like our colleague said Salamat po in a very cute & small voice. ^^

We went to Agno the next morning, since it was my cousin's wedding. However, we ended up touring the small town, and I took him to where the Agno river stretched and connecting to beaches as well.

And then we tour around Alaminos again, buying food and other stuff before heading back at House of Asian, wherein we discovered our fave dish - Chili prawns~ XP~
Monday morning, we head out to the Lucap Wharf Point wherein we purchased our lunch, ticket, and rent for the boat. They were all cheap, including the rent of the snorkeling gears, which surprised us considering it's a peak season.

We decided to hit the Governor's island because Quezon was quite packed already - and this was a very good decision because the island was practically empty!!! It's as if we had our own private island - just the two of us! :P

We told the driver to pick us up at 5pm. So we took an early lunch on the island, and started climbing on the other side, until we reached our spot - and where the jellyfish resides. XD~

Am poking at the jellies~

Aww, the poor thing~ *still poking*

The people were nice, even the ones that we passed during our boat fieldtrip were waving at us, and the maintenance people had given us a garbage bag - which most stupid tourists neglect to do during vacation trip - to maintain cleanliness on their spot at the beach. We also pointed out the fact some dumb kids carved their names on the old tree there. It was so very disappointing as well. -_-"

Burned to perfection~ Mwahahaha~

Good thing the driver was there about minutes early, coz we wanted to go home as well, since we were both tired as well, and needed to shop more (I haggled most of our

This is not the end of our vacation - yep, I'll be cajoling to Bebs again for our next round~! *evil grins*

Visit http://sanctus.multiply.com/photos/album/33/Pangasinan for more on our piccies~