Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just Another Day with Him

I changed my notebook wallpaper! Well, just the pics~

So that I'll have inspiration everytime I login. ^_^

We went to Puerto Galera last August 21 and stayed for almost a week - vacation away from... everything. We had fun since our hotel was just infront of the White Beach, and had tons of activities besides swimming; we also hired a tour guide to get to Tukuran Falls - and with luck - we were the first to go there that day, and so I was able to swim. The water there was different from the beach, but it was cold and very clean and clear. We also went to Tamaraw Falls and the scary bridge.

The food was so affordable and yummy (I probably gained pounds again) and had fun during nighttime from the entertainment, comedians, etc.

You can visit more of our adventures here: Puerto Galera Galore

I also got mushy mushy, so I decided to write our love story here: How We Met~

It was a busy month again for me, since we also had a Grand EB at SM Manila last August 29, and I never expected that all players will be supporting our event.

You can also visit the pics and the happenings here: ZX Rise of the Emperor Grand EB

Last night, a bunch of my colleagues wanted to eat at Little Tokyo in Makati.

But then, it was raining hard, and the six of us (excluding Jay in the driver seat) had manage to squeeze into Jay's car (thanks so much Jay!).

Then we ordered takoyaki - my hubby and I love this - and yeah, I introduced him to this and he was addicted ever since, and then Chardy & JM ordered okonomiyaki (it's like a meat pancake / pizza), but they failed to have me addicted to this (sorry guys!). It's weird though, I always find anything new is yummy.

I took this picture because it reminded me of Ramen Girl. ^.^

Okonomiyaki failed me!

I love takoyaki!

My bestfriend for foodtrip~

Jay waiting excitedly for the food!

Jay and I have the common love for sweets - shaved ice - melon flavor with milk (he ordered the same thing~)

My hubby and me~

Today my hubby and I went to Megamall and watched Year One. There had been an awkward moment when a family went in in the middle of the movie and get this - their kids were around 5-6-year-old - and the movie was for us, not suitable for those kids. I just hope the parents knew what they had let their kids watch... -_-"

During the movie we had takoyaki again, sour cream-flavored french fries and cotton candy~! (our usual food while watching flicks)

After the movie, I bought my hubby two pairs of pants - and they were on sale! We also bought a cute green umbrella because our old one was sadly destroyed during the last storm.

We also bought a new keyboard - and this time, we had assurance from the shop that the letters won't fade away - or we get our money back. XD~

I had my bes to send me Paramore's Ignorance (yes this mp3 was from their CD) and the sounds were awesome! Thanks Rei~! Usually mp3s doesn't have that much quality when they're new. ^_^

Anyway, we're back at home - he's playing some PC games, while I'm browsing thru eBay, Hot Topic, Punk and Rave shops, Plurking, and blogging~

We'll be attending my parents' anniversary tomorrow. Tons of my relatives from both sides will be coming too for the party.

Till my next blog post~ Ciao!