Monday, August 31, 2009

How We Met

I've been reading the past interviews that I made with the gamers since 2006 since we started the wedding schedules for Ran Online and currently managing the GMs at Your Wedding for ZXOnline, these inspired me to create our story.

March 2006
I started working at e-Games Philippines as a GameMaster. I was the third female GM to be hired, and the first day was weird since I was using his computer (yes, GM Strycnine's computer to be exact), and I didn't know until he informed me. I apologized and asked if he'll be using it, but as a gentleman, he kindly let me finish on what I was currently working on - which was the forum boards.

Our picture at the office when we were GameMasters

Neneng Bea and Totoy Lee XD~

It was around summer when we started hanging out along with our colleagues. I began teasing his fave shirts in orange, and also started calling names in-game as "Popsicle GM" or "Owange GM."

We love owange! Strycnine & Celestia

Emo-look daw~

We had tons of fun even when we're just friends and colleagues or be it in-game or on gimik mode. We spent a lot of time in-game, chatting thru YM (eventhough we sit side-by-side) and on breaktime. Our GM head suddenly changed schedule shifts in teams - Morning, Mid, and Graveyard. Usually female GMs were put on morning or midshift - or so I thought - but then I was put on GY team along with him, GM BadLungs and GM Savio. They said they needed a Community / Tech GM on that shift. ~_~

There were times that he and I were the only ones on GY shift. One day, when we were teasing around thru YM chat, he casually told me "don't fall inlove with a guy like me." I told him I won't, because that would be awkward and weird for me and for him. I think the chat started because he told me he was going out with a girl and it's been a while since he dated someone. I gave him lots of tips, but then the next day, he told me they never went out. I asked him why, but he never gave a straight answer.

After a few weeks, that situation faded away as we go about doing our work. GM BadLungs teased whether we had a relationship or not, and I just laughed and said no. But then he told me it was because he caught Lee staring at the monitor when I was not on shift that day and waiting for me to buzz him thru YM like I always did. I laughed again thinking it was a joke, but he was serious, because the YM chat window that was open that day on his monitor was mine.

One day, Lee told me thru YM chat during our shift that he needs to talk to me on breaktime. I said I had tons of work and was curious at the same time, I forced him to tell me ASAP thru YM chat instead. ^.^

At first, he didn't budge. But then he typed in these words "I'm falling in love with you, but I won't wait for an answer from you. I just want you to know."

I did not answer to that, but I did type in a smiley emoticon. Later he asked me if we could go out after my shift (it was his dayoff) and I agreed since GM Heinzhummer will be going with us (he was not yet a GM during those times, but he was one of Lee's closest friends). We walked from Malate to Baywalk since there were no available seats in one of Malate's bars and resto. We finally ordered at Baywalk near the pagoda, wherein I had the best and huge BBQs for dinner. We all had fun talking until the sun came up and yes, we all didn't sleep (well, my shift ended at 12midnight, I was at midshift already).

May - July 2006
This was then I made a choice - and I chose Lee. He told me he thought he could never find someone that can share the same passion he had in games - and even admitted that he was intimidated that I can play Counterstrike, DOTA, and can PK in online games that easily. I never get to know the other details on how he loves me, but I guess we'll have to see how it'll work out. ^_~

February 7, 2009
This is the date where we said our vows infront of God, our family and friends. This is where our love story has finally had a happy ending to a new beginning of our future.

Be it in-game...

Or in real life...

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DS from Havoc said...

Hi. May I know who BadLungs is? He was my favorite GM back then. Until now, I have no idea who he is. :p Can you post a pic or link to his profile or something? Please make my life complete? Haha! Thank you!

Anyway, congratulations to both of you!