Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greatful Days

The season I was looking forward to has come
The wind is stirring, the city is taking life

The morning comes earlier than usual
I feel I can walk well only for that

There are plenty of terrible news around nowadays
But please don't leave pleasure behind because of sadness

The short summer is starting now
How many memories can I make with you?
The sun is just shining bright
And the waves are always rolling on the shore

The distorted, sharp sky among the buildings
The sky I saw once was wide and limitless

I thank you for being by my side and giving me a gentle smile
Even when my heart is covered with clouds

It's not a matter of course, but might be of necessity
I never forget this feeling that I certainly have what I should protect

This short summer will come to an end
I'll be with you at the moment, too
As I know
Nothing is so nice as the ordinary days


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