Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Chair?

I remembered Bebs telling me a story of not being over analytical.

There was this professor teaching psychology who gave a test to his class. He said that the student who will get the correct answer / reason gets the highest grade. He asked them on how to make the chair disappear; and so lots answered in very long sentences and took them hours to give their reasonings / theories.

The first one to give his answer, and was considered to be the 'dumb one' in their class, in just a few minutes, with just two words - got the highest grade for his test.

His answer was "What chair?"

It was his way of telling me not to think too much. I usually get involve in any aspect like work, life, relationships and all kinds of stuff. I worry too much about people around me when in fact, I can't even worry or take care of myself in the process.

And so with that, I filed my 10-day vacation leave for the 1st time in my working history, and also decided on my despedida party on the 22nd of this month.

Make way for the new me. ^_^

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Euri said...

I know this story. =)

Although, in the version of what was shared to me, what the the prof said was: "Prove to me that this chair exists." Then everything else from the story was the same. According to my friend who told me this, this happened in UP. Not sure though. XD