Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Saturday of November

We were invited awhile ago at the Manila Rivercity for an opening night for the future and current buyers - and of course we were invited by the bosses themselves since we were one of their current buyers. (Naks!)

We were greeted warmly and with excitement by one of the lead sales agent, Gabi. Ms. Hilda was also there, and the president greeted us too and remembered us by our first and last names (wow!). We were invited for a dinner of pasta, rice, relyenong bangus, etc. After dinner, we proceeded by taking an exclusive tour - and because there were a few people around, we were able to look around on all of the rooms of the finished and fully furnished - the Nile building.

I took using my Nokia phone, and it's a bit crappy though. Here's some of the pictures of the rooms:

And look what I found~!

They have tons of clickers for lights, stove, etc. And oh, they even have sprinklers incase of fire. I feel like what Carrie Bradshow told Mr. Big during their condo hunt in the movie:

Hello! I live here~!

My husband with a wide & cheesy grin - so very proud of the condo unit~

Technically, our building - Colorado, will be finished by next year, and instead of December 2010 they've promised - they told us that we can move by November 2010. The building will be finished at around July - August 2010, and they need 3 more months to install the elevator. They also told us that we can have our own business since the Manila Rivercity will have its own commercial building - and I like it because they prioritize the condo unit owners like us, plus if we have an iCafe business there - we are the only ones permitted to have it. There won't be any other iCafe business - meaning you'll have a business without competitors in the area (it's like an exclusive condo unit owners commercial building).

After that, we went to Rockwell - Power Plant Mall to see a movie. Thanks to Ching, she gave me two free movie passes - and so we watched All About Steve. Since we were an hour and a half early, we went to Coffee Bean. My hubby ordered ice-blended mocha, while I ordered pure vanilla. We also shared a Chicago cheesecake. Yum.

After that, my hubby invited me to take a stroll since he told me it's his 'first time' in the mall.

Nice early Christmas decorations!

My hubby on emo pose :P

And we found uber cute lifesize stuffed animals! And my hubby wants me to be like a kid by hugging them in these pictures:

Hmm... now I'm wondering if I'd like to put them in our new condo unit. What d'you think? ^.^


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